LCS Construction Company

Irrigation and Landscaping Services

Irrigation Services

At LCS Construction Company we offer a 2 year parts and labour warranty on all of our irrigation system installations because we install it right the first time. We take a water pressure and volume measurement at your property and from there start to design your system accordingly ensuring proper coverage and performance. We also only use quality industry leading Rain Bird and Hunter parts for our installations and repairs.     

Spring System Start Up 

In the spring, we will come to do a full walk around of your property checking each zone and head to ensure your system is working properly. Repairs are made if needed to get your system up and running.  

Repairs & Maintenance

At LCS Construction Company, we use our extensive experience to quickly diagnose and repair all components of any irrigation system. We also offer a 1 day turn around for all our service calls. These factors allow us to deliver a reliable, efficient, and affordable service. 

Fall System Shut Down

In the fall, we will come to shut down your system for the year. We use a 185 CFM tow behind compressor set at the right PSI range to ensure all water is evacuated from the lines without causing damage to it's components.  

Landscaping Services

Landscape Lighting

Add lighting to your project so you can enjoy your investment around the clock. Lighting not only accents your property but also makes it safer.  

Grading & Drainage

Have pooling water in your yard, or worse, near your house? We can help by installing catch basins, drainage pits, and weeping tiles.  

Sod Installation 

There is nothing that makes an outdoor space pop more than freshly laid sod. Want to protect your investment and keep your new sod green for years to come? Consider having us install an irrigation system. 

Planting & Fertilizing 

Have us create and install a garden bed for you to redefine your property. Our garden beds and planting selections add structure, functionality and are easy to maintain. Don't have a green thumb? Not to worry. We can help maintain your garden after installation with fertilizer programs and site visits to make sure everything grows properly and looks sharp.  

Retaining Walls 

Installation of garden, and large retaining walls constructed out of various materials including concrete units, and armour stone. We install clear gravel under and behind our walls, eliminating hydrostatic pressure build up, thus preventing heaving and wall failure.  

Paving Stones 

We also install interlocking pavers and rectangular cut flagstone for walkways, patios and driveways. Did you know concrete pavers are approximately 3 times stronger than poured concrete, have a 30 year life expectancy, and come in a large variety of colours and styles?